PARS NAHAND ENGINEERING COMPANY pjs (PNEC)  registered as an engineering company mainly active in medical and industrial engineering and research in 1994 , TEHRAN , IRAN  .
PNEC is the sole manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaners (PARSONIC ™) in various models for more than 20 years in Iran , under ISO 9001-2015 , ISO 13485-2012 standards

We serve all industrial , laboratory and medical sectors  i.e. Optic , Electronic , Communication , Petrochemical , Textile , Rail way and Aviation , Car and Automotive, Gold and Jewelry , Metal and Mine , Nano and Bio Technology etc.  as well as Hospital , Laboratory , University and Research centers .
Our R&D department is a member of many university , industry and health care projects in field of ultrasonic  and  design and manufacture custom made ultrasonic cleaners for special applications.
PNEC is a member of PARDIS TECHPARK since 1995 .

V. Nilchiani
Managing Director



Ultrasonics Sonochemistry

Book of Abstracts


Effect of Local Dual Frequency Sonication on Drug Distribution

9th Iranian Medical Physics Congress

2th Nanomedicine Congress